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Martina Pisciali

Martina Pisciali underviser på Modul X.

Martina Pisciali began her storytelling training in 2011 with the Raccontamiunastoria storytelling company, based in Rome. In the following years she attended the workshops of Paola Balbi, Davide Bardi and other worldwide renown storytellers, and started to tell regularly at “Raccontamiunastoria – International Storytelling Festival in Rome” and at “Storytellingtime/Es war Einmal – International Storytelling Festival in Bolzano”. She is co-founder of Storytellingtorino, a group who is organizing since 2013 a monthly Storytelling Cafè and other storytelling events in  Piedmont (Italy).

In 2016 Raccontamiunastoria began to work in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) and Martina is active in the project since its start. Under the guidance of Paola Balbi she began an artistic  residence who covered overall eight months until the present day. In this period she worked as personal assistant of Paola Balbi, Festival Artistic Director, and as a storyteller at “Tales on the Island – International Storytelling Festival in Sharjah” in 2017 and 2018, and in the events organized during the month of Ramadan 2017. In September 2017 she is chosen among young artists all over the world for Istant Acts against violence and racism, a two-months tournée in Germany and South Tyrol (Italy): she told stories in German in a show with other fifteen international artists of various disciplines, for a total of 35 runs in Middle and High Schools. For the students Martina was offering every day a storytelling workshop in German and/or Italian language as well. In 2018 she co-designed a storytelling Radio programme for RAI (National Radio and Television). Today Martina lives in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) and she is an active member of the Compagnia Raccontamiunastoria in Rome and of Sagapò Teatro in Bolzano, as well as helping the growth of the group Storytellingtorino.

Other projects she is currently working on are a show with the accordeon player Tommaso Zamboni, inspired by the refugees crisis on the Balkan Route, and a show about a side-story of the Aeneid with Mattia Di Pierro, another young storyteller of Compagnia Raccontamiunastoria. She tells traditional stories from her country  and of her native mountains, the Dolomites, as well as Greek and Roman myths, and international folktales with a focus on the Middle East and the Mediterrenean. Having a master's degree in Agricultural Sciences, she has a soft spot  for stories related to nature and its magic. Martina has a wide experience as a story-translator between English, Italian and German, languages that she speaks fluently.

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